Monday, 18 November 2013

Lights and Christmas Cheer ~ Noah's Mini Session ~ 11.13.13


November 18th ~ I have no idea how to say goodbye to the strongest woman I have ever known but tomorrow our family will begin. I could write for hours about the stories she's shared, the places her and Grandpa traveled too, the children and husband she watched go before her and how no matter what life has thrown her way she managed to push through with faith, love and a strong willed spirit. She danced freely and loved like no other, god and family. Although my heart breaks for us right now, for my aunts and uncles, my grandfather, all of our family..I am filled with a sense of awe. To see someone you love so deeply live to 92 beside the man she loves, in the home they built and experience all the memories, grandchildren and great grandchildren that she has is truly incredible. I can only pray to be so lucky. Remembering you always Grandma, you were nothing short of amazing.