Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Abigael ~ 13 Months

I got to meet Abigael for the first time a few weeks back for her one year photos and I have to say it, she's adorable. We kept her busy with different outfit changes and props and even took a few pictures in her room just playing before we brought out the fancy cupcake. I love the way they turned out and had such a hard time just choosing a few to post ( nothing new there lol) I hope Mom & Dad ♥ them too :)

Photo a Day for 2011 ~ Day 64

A Saturday afternoon during my slower season .. I actually get to see my family :)

Photo a Day for 2011 ~ Day 63

Market Day! Another great bouquet of flowers and my yellow mums from last week are still in bloom. Friday just may be my favorite day.

Photo a Day for 2011 ~ Day 62

Laundry day. I know, not super exciting or adventurous but it is what it is lol

Photo a Day for 2011 ~ Day 61

A little something from my desk since that's where I've spent most my day :) I've been given several butterflies in glass and this is one of them.

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Photo a Day for 2011 ~ Day 60

You'll never guess what I'm snacking on ..

Fryer Family/Maternity Session

I have known Jenn since grade school and haven't seen her in years so when she messaged me about taking some new family photos of their son Wade and her baby belly I was thrilled! Wade was as all boys are, fun and full of energy. Amazingly he did so good at staying in front of the camera and just playing for his age. And Jenn, you look amazing. I absolutely love photographing baby bellies and you were no different. Your smile and pregnant glow just shone through. Thank you so much for inviting me to take these photos for you and Ben, I hope you love them and good luck over the next few weeks with your little girl's arrival ♥

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Photo a Day for 2011 ~ Day 59

You know those days where you swear you just got up and then it's over? Today was one of those day's for me. It's already officially Tuesday and I'm just sitting down now. Right as I sat I noticed an open envelope to an invitation for one of Isy's friend's birthday parties and these colours and stripes just sucked me in. It hit me, the inside of this envelope..this picture is just like my day. Crazy, colourful, fun but exhausting if you look at it for to long :)