Friday, 24 July 2009


I was unsure of how to start this post and what to title it so I decided on the simplest of statements that truly states what I want to say, which is

I miss you Mom

Between May and July I took a 8 week leave from editing to spend time with my family and our mother who passed June 25th after battling a very unexpected and short fight with brain cancer. It seems that everyone I've met in my life knows or has lost someone with this awful disease, for all of you that have, I am so sorry. Mom was very much a rock in my life and the kind of woman that brought a smile to my face on any given day. She taught our family patience, strength and how to love unconditionally, not just through words but everyday acts. She was a devoted wife to my father and always made a point to tell me stories of how they had met or what she loved about him and the little things he did that made her smile. She loved us children and her grandchildren to the ends of this world. She was wonderful and beautiful. I miss her more than I could ever imagine.
I just needed to say thank you to any of you that have worked with me this past spring and summer knowing how hard it has been, for your patience, support and understanding. Through photographing your weddings, children, families and friends I have found such a sense of peace and happiness knowing that good days still surround us and will continue too. Thank you all so much for the cards and messages and prayers, it has meant the world to us and I am looking forward to all the new memories to come.

Here is in celebration to the life you lived, gave and shared with us.

Rosalyn Ruth Wensveen

Dec 17 1950 - June 25 2009

Thank you Mom