Thursday, 19 February 2009

Chris & Jill

I had such a hard time choosing which photos to post with this session- these two were so wonderful together and absolutely ready for anything- including almost throwing Jill into the stream I met Jill the first time while doing some headshots for her business ( ) and during that session she talked to me all about this love of her life who she was engaged to and couldn't wait to marry; Chris. Shortly after we hooked up for these photos and it was so obvious how well they meshed togther. The morning was cold but the body language was HOT!
I can't wait to meet the kids and complete the family session later this spring - you guys were great.

A day at the Forks

There are always people in life that you feel lucky to have met and the Conroy family was definitely one of them for me. I learned so much in so little time and hearing about all the hard times they have overcome and worked through just left me with such a sense of love and overwhelming thankfulness in my life. I could not have asked for a better day. We chose the Forks of Credit as our backdrop for our walk that day and brought along the grandparents as well. These two kids were so fast and so much fun! and Chris and Jenn were so patient for having two toddlers to run after. I love the moments we caught and look forward to next years family shoot ...which I will definitely remember to wear running shoes for :o)

All for love? or love of the game

Darren, Kirsten and I had such a hard time finding a day that wasn't pouring out and had a football field free to roam around in to take some great shots. After a few weeks of planning we decided upon Harmony Square for the more romantic photos which landed on a perfectly windy yet warm Sunday afternoon and finished up with some fantastic photos with a surprisingly open backdrop. It is very rare that you get the downtown to yourself for photos but it seems that all our waiting was definitely worth it! After Harmony Square we met again later that week for a final shoot at the North Park field for some fun (and rather sweet) football themed shots. You'll see in the wedding photos to come why ;) Overall, it was such a great experience and I'm so glad we took the time to get what we needed..although I would have hopped the fence to get those shots if Assumptions gate wasn't so Thanks for a great experience guys!!

Thursday, 5 February 2009

All about the Water

Where do I even start? I met Brandy, Shane and Rainan in Victoria Park in Kitchener for the first time ever September of last year. The moment I saw them they were ready to go and willing to do anything. After a walk over the bridge, a pause by the pond and a few fun moments in the gazebo, we ended up at the water park where these two happily sat down, clothes and all, right in the fountain for a wonderful (and family shot. Even their son Rainan was crawling through the sprinklers by the end of the day. We got some great photos and once again it has been proven that no matter what you think your family portraits may look like, you just never know! An open open mind and willingness to have fun opens the door for anything :)

5 Months Later...

Seriously??! Has it been that long? I am so ashamed. I must admit that my blog management skills have been lacking but what better time than now to get this thing back up and running. My intent was to start where I left off and try to do this chronologically through each wedding, engagement, family session and event.. but I think that is a lost cause at this point instead, I will be posting new photos as I go through all the wonderful moments and new friends I've had the pleasure of photographing and being a part of this year.
Thank you all for such a wonderful and exciting time and I am so excited about 2009!!