Monday, 28 February 2011

Photo a Day for 2011 ~ Day 58

Sunday Funday :)
My morning started with sleeping in and hanging out with my family, the afternoon I spent taking photos of sweet 13 month old Abigail at her home and by the evening we were enjoying a cozy night at home.

Photo a Day for 2011 ~ Day 57

Today's photo was taken by our cousin Chris. Isy had such an awesome day today. Aunt Barb picked her up and they headed out to Chris & Traci's house to ice skate with the kids, play some games and ride around on the ATV. She talked about it ALL night lol. Thank you guys so much for giving her such a fantastic day :)

Photo a Day for 2011 ~ Day 56

It's my favorite day of the week , market day :) I've been less these past few months with the baby and all but today I picked up Candace and we headed over for lunch and some fresh produce, bread and meat. And on my way out I was so excited...the flower lady is back! Every Friday during spring and summer I get a fresh bouquet of flowers for the house. They're not that expensive and always make my week just a little brighter. I was so happy...another sign that spring is getting closer.

Photo a Day for 2011 ~ Day 55

Bry is back to work and starting to feel a bit better, Alice is sleeping (thanks to the Dixie Chicks and their song "lullaby" ..on repeat) I got some housework done, watched Grey's and now I'm even going to fit in some editing...and a glass of well deserved wine ;)

Photo a Day for 2011 ~ Day 54

Today I just feel very blessed to have the life I do ♥

Photo a Day for 2011 ~ Day 53

It's a sick day. Bry came home from work and that is such a rare thing in our home. The day was spent making soup, giving meds and keeping the kids quiet. Here's crossing our fingers that it passes quickly.

Photo a Day for 2011 ~ Day 52

Today Isy and I ventured out to Frosty Fest at Harmony Square. It was my first time taking her to a winter carnival and she absolutely loved it. We visited the Art Block, rode some carnival rides, ate some snow taffy and finished it off with hot chocolate and fresh cookies :)

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Photo a Day for 2011 ~ Day 51

So..I was going to wait to share but I just can't! We were able to sneak in a mini photo shoot of our niece Kylie today before they head back to Chicago and this is a little preview of the album to come :)

Photo a Day for 2011 ~ Day 50

For days Isy has been wanting to play a board game and she finally talked her Uncle Garrett into an Operation competition ... I'm going to stay partial and just say they tied :)

Photo a Day for 2011 ~ Day 49

It's my husband's birthday! And I'm sure he'll just LOVE this small collage of him haha :) This weekend will be spent with family, good food, old sci-fi movies, a few drinks and well deserved rest. Happy Birthday Bry, we ♥ you xoxo

Photo a Day for 2011 ~ Day 48 was gorgeous :) I was so exhausted though and spent most of my day trying to rest and enjoying my open windows with the cool breeze.. such a treat for a mid February day.

Photo a Day for 2011 ~ Day 47

I am SO ready for spring! Today was a little warmer and all day all I could think about was my garden's and how I just can't wait to see it all green and lush outside again. Looking at this photo I can almost smell it :)

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Photo a Day for 2011 ~ Day 46

Today my Dad dropped by with a usb key FULL of old photos he had scanned from his childhood. I have spent most my day just staring at all these black and white pictures of family in Holland, my uncles and father as kids, their parents and siblings..I feel as though he gave me treasure. I had to share at least one so I chose one of my grandparents as kids cuddling in a field ..I absolutely love this photograph.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Photo a Day for 2011 ~ Day 45

Happy Valentines Day :)

Photo a Day for 2011 ~ Day 44

One of Isy's favorite things to do is look at other peoples art and create her own. The Art Block, downtown Brantford is her gallery of choice. Today I got home from a family shoot in Milton to find that she had, once again, opened her own Art Gallery in her room. Only ten cents to enter and she has priced all her work. Best part, I would buy each and every one.

Photo a Day for 2011 ~ Day 43

I couldn't help but notice, and yes I'm laughing that this is my picture of the day, but the top of my Mc Donald's coffee cup has the best smiley face. I wonder if they did that on purpose or if it's just by chance? Either way, I like it :)

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Photo a Day for 2011 ~ Day 42

Today's photo is of my Mom. We miss her everyday, some day's more than others and I guess today was just one of those day's. I chose this picture because I miss her smile and although she really didn't like her picture taken, I love that I caught her in this moment, she truly was a beautiful woman inside and out ♥

Photo a Day for 2011 ~ Day 41

Every Thursday eve is ballet practice for Isy. This is her third year in dance and she is loving it. I have to admit, I really love watching her take it. Something so sweet and feminine about watching my little girl in ballet shoes, spinning around. I hope that she continues to love dance through her life, no matter what type it is.

Photo a Day for 2011 ~ Day 40

I love hot chocolate. If I could, I would drink it all day, everyday but I'm pretty sure that the sugar would have me going crazy by lunch :) As for today...all of us girls are sick and home in our PJ's. It's been a cuddle on the bed, sleep lots and rest day. Here's hoping that tomorrow brings us better health and that all of you are feeling good. Hot chocolate will make you feel better if you're not ;)

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Photo a Day for 2011 ~ Day 39

Today Isy was starting to feel better but Alice got her first set of needles and the poor little thing has been sore and not feeling great all day. On an up note though, she's gaining well and is now up to 8.6 lbs, she's finally into size 0-3 month outfits :)

Photo a Day for 2011 ~ Day 38

Well, today was spent taking care of Isy who came home with the stomach flu. Poor thing looked and felt awful. Lucky for her she has Miss Raff to sit by her side and purr to help her feel better, and that's exactly what she did.This is where she sat watching over her, on the arm of our couch.

Photo a Day for 2011 ~ Day 37

Isy finally got her scholastic book order and one of her choices was a book on the ABC's of Yoga for kids. She's been practicing all the poses since Friday :)

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Photo a Day for 2011 ~ Day 35

Snowballs :)
These are hanging on a hook outside my back window. I forgot to take them in once fall came and then liked the colours so much I just left them out there as decoration.

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Photo a Day for 2011 ~ Day 34

My neighbor Janine feeds all the cats, squirrels and birds in our area all through the winter (and most season's). The best part for us is we have a backyard full of wildlife year round. The Cardinal's are one of my favorites.

Photo a Day for 2011 ~ Day 33 snowed all night and most of the day. We watched tv, listened to music, made homemade spaghetti sauce and of course, played in the snow :)

Photo a Day for 2011 ~ Day 32

This evening it started to snow and apparently it's not going to stop for awhile. School's already been canceled for tomorrow and I can hear the wind sounds cold. So what's my photo of the day? A blanket :) Stay warm everyone!

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Amelia ~ Newborn

I was so excited when I was asked to photograph baby Amelia as a Christmas present from her Aunt and Uncle :) Earlier this year I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to photograph Nicki & Jim's engagement and wedding and, seeing as we were both due around the same time, I thought that I wouldn't get the chance to see her this young. Lucky for me, Alice came early and I was able to meet Amelia at only 2 weeks old. I was just awed at her baby cheeks and dark hair- so sweet. I could have photographed her all day :)

Photo a Day for 2011 ~ Day 31

Jan 31st
So...I cut her hair. I must admit I was scared, only because she had no bangs and her hair is not that thick so I really thought I might mess up ...but...she loves it! And I didn't wreck it at fact, I'm kinda proud of myself :) Will I do it again? Probably not lol