Monday, 7 June 2010

Kristen & Andrew

Kristen and Andrew were married August of 2009 in Tobermory ON and I felt so lucky to be able to share such a beautiful day with such a wonderful couple. The entire day was filled with tears of joy and laughter. When we began we could see the clouds rolling in but the girls were prepared. Rain boots, umbrellas and full of smiles! The scenery was breath taking and even after the ceremony during the pouring rain not a single complaint was heard. We walked to the peak of the beach and they stood out on the rocks with no umbrellas and just each other. The sun finally came out and we trekked into town for fish tacos and hopped on a very friendly and accommodating on-lookers boat for a few extra shots.
The reception was beautiful and the family was such a blast to be around, these are the days you live to see and be a part of.
Thank you so much for allowing me to share it with you guys. photos to follow ;)

's been awhile..

A LONG while!
I'm back again and I must admit I miss posting here :) I got so caught up with life and work and I just got used to not logging in. My Bad.
Where do I even start???!! I have had so much fun taking pictures this year already and there is so much I want to share...let's just go random and hope I fit it all in lol

Here goes....