Thursday, 21 August 2008

A little busy...

It is definitely that time of year again- summer it's always so hard for me to get onto the blog but I promise I have a ton to post when I do get a spare moment. I have weddings, family portraits, the relay for life event, Camp NL and newborn photos to share. I may be busy but I least I'm enjoying September and October only have a few dates still open so make sure to book soon if you're hoping for family portraits before Christmas. :o)

Friday, 27 June 2008

Paul & Karen

This shoot for me was just so much fun. We decided on Harmony Square in downtown Brantford and what a great location for both family and engagement photos. Paul & Karen- you guys were so much fun to work with and your kids are absolutely adorable- I can't wait to be a part of your wedding day!

the Storm

So I'll admit it, I was a bit scared I have never seen anything like this here before, it was so beautiful and yet unnerving. We ended up having hail the size of a golf ball fly right through our patio table, an entire tree pulled down and some of the wood siding flew right off the house. As exciting as it was I hope that it doesn't become to common. I do love the photographs though :)


Harmony Square Celebrations

It has been a long time since I've frequented the downtown on a regular basis but I must say that after experiencing the Harmony Square Celebration I visit downtown at least 3 times a week just for a coffee, lunch and a few minutes of splash pad fun for Isabel. My favorite part has got to be the stage though- beautiful for photos and right in the heart of the city.

Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Big & Little

You'll see alot of this little one on here, she's my favorite model .. :0)

Monday, 26 May 2008


Hair, Make-up & Style

Part 2 of "Beautiful Ladies"

What a great photo shoot. It's been almost three years since I've shot in this location and it was so nice to re-visit that with these three gorgeous ladies to take over the stage.

Hair Stylist- Tabitha Lehigh Hair Studio
Make-up Artist- Cathy Garbedian Ou-La-La! Mobile Spa
Models - Lisa, Britney, Cathy

(see earlier posts for individual photos of each girl)


Britney, you were so honest with your expressions and movements. I loved how you switched from one location to the next- wonderful.

Hair Stylist- Tabitha Lehigh Hair Studio
Make-up artist- Cathy Garbedian Ou-La-La! Mobile Spa


Cathy, the make-up was gorgeous and I loved how much fun you were , great job!

Hair stylist- Tabitha Lehigh
Make-up Artist- Cathy Garbedian

Ou-La-La Mobile Spa

Tabitha Lehigh Hair Studio

Lisa S

Lisa- you were wonderful to shoot and so versatile - very beautiful.

Hair by Tabitha Lehigh Hair Studio
Make-up by Cathy Garbedian ( Ou-La-La! Mobile Spa )

Saturday, 17 May 2008


...and the love of her life.

Girls will be Girls

I just loved these shots so much. These three are so sweet.