Sunday, 27 September 2009

Family Time

What a gorgeous day for pictures and another baby belly too!

Baby Bump

I love love love baby bellies. Maybe it's a girl thing but something about the shape and essense, the whole idea of a little person hidden within the belly, just seems so beautiful to me. Congratulations to Todd and Kirsten who gave birth to an adorable baby boy shortly after this shoot.


Welcome the new addition to the Morriss family!

Monday, 21 September 2009

Hot Hot Hot!

Some people just give it their all and Candace- wow, what a girl ! I loved this shoot, you're gorgeous.

D & D

Another February shoot and I can honestly say I had never met a person who could come out of a painful tooth surgery and still pull off fantastic engagement photos- this girl was determined! These guys were given this session as a gift and what a treat it was. We started at the house she grew up in and made it out to the river by the end. Desiree and Darryl were married later this year, congratulations guys, you make a great couple!


I love these shoots, I don't always get to post them but it's something I do a lot of. Almost any girl I talk to wants these done and wow did Kayte really pull it off! Thanks for being ..just you :)

Love through Generations

I had the honour of meeting and photographing this wonderful couple February of this year. During our session I asked if they had any wedding photos that they would share with me. A few moments later they brought up this photograph. It is the only photograph taken that they know of from that day and they didn't even know it existed until almost 20 years after they were married. It was so heart warming to see the love between them as they spoke of their life spent together since, their children and grand children. For me this photograph reminds me of who are are and where they came from.